L'importanza di avere un marchio efficace

Having a logo able to reflect your identity and at the same time to keep up with the times is extremely important. Many companies have entrusted the restyling of their brand to graphic design experts in order to keep up with new media languages, like MasterCard or Juventus Football Club have done.



Designing a logo means putting a face on a brand, starting from here it would be possible to develop the whole corporate identity, essential to stand out from the messy word of communication.

What is extremely important for designing a powerful logo it’s to focus on content. A good brand needs to identify key information about the company, such as history, target ad values.


“Anyone can design a logo, but not everyone can design the right logo”

David Airey


I would like to share with you the case study of my personal brand.


Are you wondering why?

The most challenging client I’ve never worked on it’s myself.


After recalling my history and my aims I’ve understood what I would like to communicate through my personal logo. I’ve decided to create a monogram that could be able to represent myself, a sign that would make me recognizable.

this is the complete project Francesco Ciampa Personal Brand


A good brand has to be flexible. It has to keep unchanged its power in different sizes and be usable in different ways.

The work process of designing a brand takes knowledge and care. Sometimes the smallest detail makes all the difference. The end result have to be:


  • Simple
  • Clear
  • Distinctive


Your brand can’t wait for having a face!

Write me for your brand! ciampa.graphicdesign@gmail.com



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